Slide-02-InvENIt is a tree with the fastest growing in the world. Decorative plants, beautiful flowering time. In the beekeeping sector, 1 ha of flowering of Paulownias can provide about 700-1000 kg of high quality honey. It can either be a local or a community business. PAULOWNIAS clone is a tree for plantations. In the third cutting, the terrain can be improved by removing the roots (possibility to extend the contract to other denominations).

The plant is known internationally, the European passport, the European quality certificate and license and patent international trade. It can be planted in any European territory, thanks to stable environmental conditions. There are also plantations in cities outside the EU. This plant plays an important role in supplying wood to many different sectors, such as furniture industry, fuel etc .

The PAULOWNIAS clone can be purchased exclusively on Italian territory only from PAULOWNIA-IT srl that has the exclusivity of distribution and control of production on European territory. To be planted it requires to be ordered 10 week in advance, therefore it requires 20 weeks for the initial phase of growth that happens in special greenhouses. The period of 4 weeks is required to supply the product based on the area. Shipping is done by specific vehicles with constant temperature of 16 ° C. To supply the plant requires a preliminary contract with about 30 % prepayment. The remainder will be finalized after submission of plants.

Total cost 1 ha ( 600 plants ) = EUR 5,200 ( for Clone of luxury wood production )

Total cost 1 ha ( 600 plants ) = EUR 3,500 ( for Clone production of raw materials ( biomass ) for cutting )