PAULOWNIA-IT srl Project consists in selling Paulownias cloned seedlings, a tree with the perfect trunk that grows rapidly, following the planting throughout the length of the contract, propose contract with the Italian society which buy and trade exclusively the wood produces from our clones for the three cuts.


The clone, in the first phase is produced by in vitro propagation system, hybridisation, storing in the greenhouse, growth and first pruning.Nascita-00Nascita-01Nascita-03



The sapling is temporarily placed in small plastic vases with organic ground. It grows in the greenhouse at different stages of adjustment.serra-01serra-02serra-03

Preparation of the land – Irrigation


The land should be released in depth and the surface should be prepared finely. It is advised to have an irrigation system with drops with 2 droppers of 4 litres, located at 30/35 cm depth; 16 litres of water per plant every 3 days; 1 hectare requires about 1000 m3 per year, depending on soil types and weather conditions.preparazione-01preparazione-02preparazione-03



Transportation in refrigerated trucks, with temperature 16 °C, packed in cardboard boxes.consegna-01consegna-02consegna-03

Setting the Field


The sapling must be detached from the plastic vase by introducing the water in order not to damage the root system. The organic ground should be covered 2 / 3cm with soil, applying a slight pressure on the ground without pressing the roots.Dimora-01Dimora-02Dimora-03



Newly planted sapling needs 30 days to adapt the roots to the terrain, thus does not increase. Afterwards it will grow about 5.4 cm per day, following a fertilization program.crescita-01crescita-02crescita-03

Technical cutting


The first winter after planting, when the plant has been turned into a tree with a diameter of about 6 cm , is made cutting technique which helps to strengthen the root . After cutting the remainder on the ground must be protected with a compound (glue) special.taglio-01taglio-02taglio-03



After the technical cutting, during spring, the trunk left in the ground begins to produce new buds . When entering vegetative development cycle, loops reach the height of 1 m. Excess buds gradually eliminated little by little, leaving only one. After 3 years will happen the first cutting of the finished product. This will be followed by three years of cutting cycles. The plant life is average 45/50 years. In spring, the plant for about 30 days will be filled with scented flowers. 1 ha can provide about 800/1000 kg of honey of a very good quality.ricrescita-01ricrescita-02ricrescita-03

The final product


Wood with resistance to moisture and high resistance to fire. Used for all uses of wood, from construction to fine musical instruments, furniture , boats , etc.finale-01finale-02finale-03